Ah, blogging. One of the most important aspects of content marketing, and one of my very favorites. Whether you're running a blog to help build your business and connect with an audience or have yourself aimed in a more journalistic direction, I'm here for you. I have a ton of experience, from running a pet tips blog to churning out articles for a consumer awareness website. Here are a few examples of my most recent work, and as always, if you'd like more just get in touch!

My personal blog Idiots_Delight is basically where I practice my chops as a culture critic. Since I'm pretty much constantly consuming some kind of pop culture (and aim to make it myself someday), I figured it would be a healthy exercise to write about it and put all that time spent in front of the screen to good use. It's also a place for me to work out ideas, try out some essays, and post fiction from time to time. I usually update it a few times a week, and it'll give you a good idea of my writing personal style and my thoughts on the movies, TV shows, and music that I spend all my time watching and listening to. Enjoy!

Check This Ink

This is something of a proof-of-concept I developed with longtime clients Top Line Incentives as they get ready to launch their newest business venture. I've developed Check This Ink from the ground up to focus on alternative and street art in general (and the Los Angeles scene in specific). While it's still something of a pet project cooked up by me and the good folks at Top Line, its goal is to further connect people with the art happening right in their backyards (sometimes literally). (All content & web design by Sean Boulger.)

The OA's Artsy Official Instagram is Worth Your Time

Letters to the President: New York's Post-Election Post-It Notes

Behold! Anish Kapoor and Stuart Semple Are in the Silliest Art Feud Ever

The Nexus by Opteffect

Opteffect is one of the clients with whom I've worked the closest; developing their brand identity and content offering was easily one of my favorite undertakings. The Nexus was designed to supplement the content in the Opteffect bookstore (all of which I designed/wrote/created), and is full of tasty tidbits that will help you improve your life in a major way (if that's what you're into, of course).

Mad Max: The Fury Road to Your Highest Self

The Ghost of Intrinsic Value

Using the "Daisy Chain" Method to Defeat Self-Sabotage

The Science of Scarcity

HandMade by Patrick Cain Designs

For client Patrick Cain Designs, I created the HandMade blog. The idea was to both showcase and deepen the Patrick Cain Designs brand, with content that reflected the interests, styles, and aesthetic tendencies of Patrick Cain himself. The result? Simple, clean articles that help readers connect with all things stylish. (All content & web design by Sean Boulger.)

Mid-Century Modern: What Does It Even Mean?

Summer & Late Fall Wardrobe Basics for Men, Pt. 2

[DIY] Make Your Own Minimal Hoop Shelving

Scambook Consumer Awareness Blog

Ever wonder how to save cash and protect yourself from hackers, scammers, and sneak-thieves? Wonder no more! For a while I wrote content for the Scambook Consumer Awareness blog. Take a peek at a few choice samples, and feel free to have a look at my author page if you'd like to read more.

5 Things That Are Actually Cheaper After the Christmas Holiday Sales

Watch Out for Bogus FedEx Shipping Scam

Are Energy Drinks Hazardous to Your Health?

Neil Strauss' The Inner Circle

Working with 7-time New York Times bestselling author Neil Strauss, I expanded the content offering on his blog (the cornerstone of any solid content marketing campaign) and focus his subject matter (aiming towards men's issues and self-improvement), resulting in a much more effective — and pleasant to read — blog offering. I believe these samples are now behind a paywall, so shhh!

The Essentials of Effective Communication

How to Dominate the Workplace

More to come!